The reason we cater exclusively to Contractors

A few years ago I asked a friend, Sara Rotman, if she’d meet me for lunch. Sara is kind of a big deal in the marketing world. Her impressive portfolio includes branding for Tory Burch, Joe Fresh, Kylie + Kendall, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand Goop.

After an especially difficult few years, Sara found herself in Buellton, on a farm, with a desire to restore her health via organic farming and raising heritage livestock. I was working at the neighboring Folded Hills Ranch. We got to know each other because every few weeks it seemed we found an excuse to be trading/hauling pigs, donkeys or eggs to each other’s farm.

At this lunch date, I worked up the nerve to tell Sara my dream. “My long-term goal is to go into marketing.” We chatted for the next hour about her journey in the industry. She shared some solid advice, but one point has always stuck with me, “Jade, the best piece of advice I can give is find your niche. Find it, and make sure it is very VERY specific.”

Fast forward four years, I launched Clever Punch Co. in January 2019, with a very clear purpose; to provide marketing support to small established businesses. That niche seemed specific enough to me, but I learned quickly (we are 8 weeks in now), I have to further narrow my focus. I’ve been open to meeting all types of business owners, learning about their goals, offering my support … and yet I keep coming back to contractors (or they keep coming back to me.)

They are the most eager, genuine and realistic of my clients thus far. They don’t want flair - they want simple, and they want practical. They are hard working, down to earth, have wonderful values and are running great businesses.

When it comes to marketing, they are frustrated. They know it’s important but who can they trust? They are tired of the stop-start track record of trying to have someone in the office (who has no free time) care for these relentless tasks.

We are here to help! Focusing on contractors allows us to streamline our services, and become experts at providing exactly what they need and nothing else…

Logos & Branding - straightforward, minimalist designs to give you a professional and modern look
Marketing Materials - business cards, brochures, construction signs, portfolio folders etc.
Websites - modern layouts, clear information, beautiful imagery, and easy to maintain.
SEO - We implement a 14pt checklist (based on Google’s guidelines) into every website we build.
Monthly Management - we can manage your social media, send thoughtful email newsletters, and care for your portfolio. That way, every time you start and end a project, it is documented, images and video are captured, and your online and print portfolio is updated.

This will allow you, the business owner, to go back to doing what you are good at - running your business!
If you are a general contractor, architect, or the like, let’s talk.

I am excited and grateful for Sara’s words, and to realize early in the game that I feel most successful helping YOU, and elevating your business to it’s highest potential. I look forward to working together.


Jade Flogerzi

Jade Flogerzi