The Plan is the Most Important Part

This business was created out of frustration over the lack of good marketers in Santa Barbara.

As a Project Manager for a winery I found the marketing and branding process to be the most costly, time consuming, expensive and frustrating task out of everything I managed.

So, like all rebellious entrepreneurs, I learned to do it myself. Yes, I made some mistakes, but our wine team also had some major wins. (Like going to launch online, selling out in 3 weeks and being named “Years Best” rosé by Wine & Sprits Mag.)

Out of everything I learned along the way - the most valuable is this: The plan is the most important part. Without it, you will quickly lose yourself in the process and spend time on things that don’t matter. Without it, people will take advantage of you and waste your time on services that make zero sense for your bottom line.

If you do nothing else for your business, take the time (and hire us) to build your plan. One that identifies who you are, who you are trying to target, and which services you need to reach those people.

With your plan in hand, we will be efficient. We can take the emotion out of making decisions. Your team will be aligned. Ideas for content will flow freely. Everything we create will look consistent. You will save time by focusing on the services that make sense.

Despite what you have been told, or experienced, marketing can be simple.

And now, there is nothing left to say except…

I am proud to launch Clever Punch Co. and look forward to working with you.


Jade Flogerzi

Owner / Creative Director

Jade Flogerzi