About the Owner…

Jade Flogerzi is the person you want for your marketing needs, precisely because she is the person SHE once wanted for her own marketing needs.

Jade got her start in Marketing by working for Four Seasons Resorts, where she was cherry-picked to join the team of Folded Hills Winery, acting as Project Manager for four years.

During that time, she saw her fair share of consulting—the good, bad, and ugly—and as soon as she was ready to strike out on her own, did so with a clear sense of what clients REALLY need: practicality, efficiency, consistency, and creativity. A healthy dose of rebellious flair. And—last but not least—good old common sense.

Jade launched Clever Punch in the hope that all businesses who stand to benefit may experience the hands-on, caring—yet firm—attention that their marketing DESERVES. In going with Clever Punch, you’re not only choosing creativity. You’re choosing value. (Now that’s clever.)